Moron Test – Tricky Treat – Section 6 Walkthrough (iPhone, iPod touch, android)


The Moron Test game is an app that challenges your IQ to see if you are in fact a moron, or a genius! Play through this fast pace game and see if your are as smart as you think you are.

Moron Test Tricky Treat Walkthrough

This Moron Test Tricky Treat walkthrough focuses on section 6 of the game. It is one of the hardest levels, but with this walkthrough, you have the answers if you need them! Watch the video for the answers. If you find the video too fast, continue to read below for the answers.

The first challenge is quite easy, simply press on the pumpkin.


Next touch the beaker least filled with potion, which is the one on the left.


You will now see a pumpkin patch. You must touch the biggest pumpkin to the smallest.


Next, touch anywhere to continue.


You will then see a candy with the word “BOOOO!” on it, followed by a ghost. This is important to remember for the next challenge.


The next window you will see 4 pieces of candy. They are asking how many O’S were on the previous candy. The answer is 4.


Next you have to touch the shirt, and then the hook on the monkey.


You will then have to touch the lantern on the next slide. It will go dark, make sure to touch the spot on the lantern again.


Next you will get a note telling you that the next time you see the lantern, you must touch it. Touch the moon to continue. After that quickly touch the bat.

Congratulations! You have reached the check point. Touch the actual eye to continue.


Next up is a trick question: Which spider does not belong? It is not the bat because that is not a spider. It is the top right spider because it has an even amount of legs, while the others both don’t.


Then you will see a baseball + a bat = baseball bat. Remember that for later. After that you will see a giraffe an a moon. Wait until the moon is full and click it. The giraffe will howl.

Next you will see a note card with a beaker, lantern, candy corn, and a pumpkin. Memorize where the beaker is before you touch the lantern as you will have to touch the beaker in the darkness next.


The following note card has 4 characters on it. You must touch them in the order below.


Next you will see 5 apples. Touch them in the following order:

moron-test-tricky-treat-walkthrough-touch-the-stemmed apples

Remember the baseball and the bat note card? The next card you have to touch the baseball bat.


Next you are asked how many words are on the notecard. If you count all the words in the sentence, plus all the words below it you will get eleven.


Congrats, you have reached another checkpoint! Touch the night to continue.


After you quickly touch the bat, press the buttons in the following order to make 1 3 5 1:


Choose the 6th candy:


Next, you will be asked how many pieces of candy were there? Answer is 7.

Next notecard asks you to touch the lowest bat to the highest:


Next, touch the beaker that is filled the most. This is the 3rd beaker. Next, touch the beaker that has the least amount of air in it. Again, this is the 3rd beaker.

The following notecard asks you to touch the houses from left to right. Simply do this. Then ring the doorbell until the door opens.

You have reached another check point! Touch the bat to continue.


A bat will appear, don’t touch it. Then you will see a row of buttons. Press the first button. Next card you will see a pumpkin and a row of buttons. Press the first button after the pumpkin.

You will then see a number pad. Touch the number 0. Then you will be asked to touch the odd numbers from right to left, press the following: 5,1,3.

Now touch the even numbers from left to right: 0,4,2.

Next you will see a row of pumpkins and a button. You have to wait until the last pumpkin to light up before you press the button. Be careful and don’t press the pumpkin with the arrow.

You will again see a number pad. Press one, then five, then six. The numbers change, so make sure you press the right ones.

The next card you will see the lantern again, with 4 bats. Before you touch the lantern, memorize the size of the bats from smallest to largest. When it is dark, press the following:


Next you will see the number pad again saying “Press three, then touch the monkey on the third floor”. Press 3. Then you will see an elevator on the second floor. Wait until it gets to the 3rd floor to press it.

You have reached the checkpoint. Touch the biggest number:


Next, you have to pick the candy corn that is different. This is the 2nd candy corn.

Next, you have to press the red button twice, green three times, blue once, then orange twice. This is fairly straight forward. However you have to memorize the sequence as the directions disappear and the colors keep changing.

After that, you will get a card with candy and a left and right button. You have to touch the right arrow until the blue candy is highlighted. Once the blue candy is highlighted, touch the candy and not the select button.

Next card asks you to touch the bats from biggest to smallest, according to wing size. This is pretty straight forward.

Next card has a bunch of colored candies. You will be asked to touch a specific size and colored candy. Don’t be fooled by the black image of a candy.

Next you will see 5 pumpkins in a row. You have to light up the carved pumpkins from right to left. Make sure you select the dark carved pumpkins only from right to left: pumpkins 5 and 2.

Then you will see a turtle in baseball uniform. Touch the turtle once the ghost appears.

Another checkpoint achieved! Touch the candy corn to continue.


You have to follow the directions on each square. This means touch the red square.

Next, touch the biggest pumpkin, the smallest, and then the biggest one again.

Time for more beakers. The first card asks you to touch the beaker least filled with potion. This is the first beaker. Next, touch the beaker with the most potion. This is the middle beaker.

Next card you have to touch the lantern again. Before you do so, memorize the picture as you will have to touch the items from top to bottom:


Next you will see 2 button, a blue and green one. You have to press the blue button ten times, then green once. Careful, as the blue button changes color temporarily.

Next card is simple, touch the next two pirates. Just wait for the pirates to appear and touch them.

Next you have to touch the ghosts from least to most transparent:


Congrats, you are a genius!


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