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Wordscapes Answers All Levels

Below are all of the Wordscapes answers to every level completed by AppLevelHelp. If there are any levels missing or incomplete, please let us know in the comments below!

WordscapesWordscapes Review

If you are a lover of games, words, and beautiful pictures, Wordscapes is a good game to check out. It is available for Apple, Android, and Windows devices.

PeopleFun, Inc. is the creator of this awesome word game as well as several other word games like MixTwo, Word Chums! and Word Mocha! They have released a few other non-word games too.

peoplefun-inc-awardsWith over 50K reviews in the Apple app store to date and an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5, it is clear to see that this game is a crowd favorite.

How to Play Wordscapes

Gameplay is actually really easy. You have a circle that contains 5 letters. And a blank board that looks like a crossword. Use the letters to form words to fill-in-the-blanks of the crossword.how-to-play-wordscapes

Create a word by pressing and holding the first letter of the word you want to spell and dragging your finger to the other letters in order. Create 3 to 5 letter words. Find all of the words to complete the level.

You also get bonus coins for each word you find that is not part of the board.

What Make Wordscapes Special

Aside from the fact that this app has over 3000 levels that get increasingly more challenging as you play, what really makes it special? You can pretty much take your pick here.

Beautiful background images of nature at its finest. Calm and relaxing music. The ability to earn coins to be spent on hints. Daily challenge puzzles that grant your more coins the more often you play.

wordscapes-daily-rewardThe things that make this app special are really unlimited. Whether you prefer visual or audio stimulation, this app has both.

The aesthetic aspects of Wordscapes are outstanding. But when you start getting into the gameplay, it is really easy to see why people love it. With each level, you will find yourself wanting to move on to the next. It is actually really difficult to put down, even when you get stuck on a level.

How to Get Good at Wordscapes

If you want to get good at playing Wordscapes, there are a few things you should do. Before you start looking at our Wordscapes Answers, you should try to solve the puzzle yourself so you can get better!

  1. Pay attention to the words you find. Often times, levels will have repeated words from levels you have played before.
  2. Use the board. When you play the game, you have a board that looks like a crossword puzzle and the five letters. If you are stuck and kind find a word, look at the board because it will probably give you one or two of the letters for the word you are missing.
  3. Play often! The more often you do things, the better you get at it. If you want to get good at riding a bike, you practice. If you want to get good at speaking a language, you speak. The same is true for Wordscapes. If you want to get good at Wordscapes, play often.
  4. Stuck? Get help. If you find yourself on a level that you just can’t seem to get passed, check out all of our Wordscape answers to every level.


If you are looking for a relaxing way to pass the time that isn’t mindlessly tapping away at the screen, let your mind relax, put your vocabulary knowledge to the test and give Wordscapes a try. It will have you coming back for more every time you find yourself with a few minutes to spare.